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Get to Know Our Receptive Services

Get to Know Our Receptive Services

We began Intertouring Receptive activities on March 30, 1997, with the mission of turning travel dreams into happy experiences.

Throughout this journey, we have built a brand recognized for its dedication to partnerships, passion for our destination, Rio de Janeiro, and respect for customers, collaborators, and partners. Our services are developed under the non-negotiable criterion of preserving the environment and Rio’s history.

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that challenged us to reinvent what we were already doing, maintaining what has brought us this far: safety, innovation, personalized attention, and, most importantly, delivering experiences that bring happiness to our customers.

Intertouring Receptive is rewriting its history in this “reinvented” world. A great challenge! But, we were the Receptive Operator for the Official Operator of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, serving over 16,000 passengers during the 20 days of the event. So, we understand challenges!

We are stronger and more connected, using integration tools so that our customers can access our entire portfolio digitally. Traveling is an experience in search of happiness. And at Intertouring Receptive, we understand this so deeply that our purpose is “Making people happy.”

We are the Receptive partner that will offer creative and innovative solutions to turn the travel experience into a joyful and enchanting experience.

Tourism Services

Airline Reservations

We work with the main airlines.

Lodging accommodations

The best hotels in Brazil and around the world.

Cruise Ships

The best ships along the Brazilian coast and beyond.

Car Rental

The best rental rates available.


Assistance with passport issuance.

Tickets and Passes

Shows, parks, trains, tickets, and much more for your trip.

Congresses and Events

Transportation and lodging logistics.


International SIM card for calls and internet.

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